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Keep Your Sports Facility Clean

Carpets are often used in high traffic areas where oil, grease and dirt predominate. Cleaning commercial carpets is the key to making these investments last as long as possible. If you have commercial carpets against fatigue, you are lucky because they do not require complex maintenance. Follow these 5 simple tips to clean your carpet.

    Use a mild soap, detergent or hot water de greaser to clean the surface of the anti-fatigue mat and to remove grease or oil. The water temperature should not exceed, but should not be cold either. It is important to clean these carpets at least once a week to prevent oil and grease from damaging the surface of the carpet. Hot water dissolves fat and oil residues during emulsification.

    Do not use machines and do not scrub these mats. They do not require aggressive cleaning techniques or mechanical drying methods. The cleaning process should not last more than 20 minutes, with the steps of washing with water, applying water and solution, rinsing, emptying depending on whether the carpet is perforated and then allowing it to dry.

    Do not use chemicals, bleach, alkalis, or high pH solvents for cleaning as these materials may damage the mat surface. Before choosing a cleaner, make sure it is recommended for the particular anti-fatigue mat.

    Use a broom, brush or hose every day to remove dirt, grime, dirt and dust. When making a pipe, the water pressure should not be high. You would be surprised to know how much dirt and grime creep into carpets every day. Stow your carpets with this simple but effective technique.

    Let the carpets dry for a long time before reuse. After cleaning, lay them flat and allow them time to cool. Do not wrap the carpet immediately and let it dry.


  1. This is a good article, thanks. The gym I go to has a very good maid service company thats cleans


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