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Home Fitness Workouts for 2019 will skyrocket

With the new year just around the corner, comes the favorite solution of the population: you will no longer be going to the gym. At some point, most people must prioritize workouts if they plan to have a new year success.

One thing that prevents some people is the price of joining a gym or the time to travel to the gym. While classes are a great way to be responsible, to make efforts and to meet new people, many of these elements can be replicated if you are more of a home health fan.

Manage your time

The first step is to rigorously manage and allocate your time during training.

In gym set up, you can waste up to 3 hrs between travel, waiting for a machine or group class type workouts when a class is canceled the last min. Did you know? Most gyms cancel classes without notice or because of a low number of people attending.

Yet it also means you have to pack a bag with some water, towel, food or shakes, then worrying about rushing back home if you have kids.

Home exercises, then again, take out each one of those troublesome situations. With the correct apparatus, you can get more done in half the time with your own family room.

In any case, first, you need to make a devoted space to get your sweat on. Then you need to choose the best type of workouts that are not only effective but you are able to do with limited amount of space. MMA Fitness workout is turning out to be the #1 workouts to do at home.

Here is some equipment you would need for MMA Fitness Home Workout such as; a kettlebell, bag, gloves, box & a timer, that's pretty much it. Now you are ready to start your home fitness routine and hey it's sometimes even better with a friend or family member.

Become your biggest motivator

One aspect of a home type workout that is most difficult to duplicate is verbal motivation and group support. When working alone, it's important not only to be responsible but to become your biggest motivator. This can be done by reminding yourself of what you are working for, reaching small goals or creating rewards for yourself on the street.

Add inspiration quotes in your workout routine, before or during the time to stay motivated, is another way to stay on track. If you're still having trouble motivating, there are YouTube motivational fitness videos that could help give your workout a boost.

You do not need a membership at a gym to get good results. With time management, variety in your routine and motivation from within or from others, you will surely be on the track of your fitness goals.

Try This Workout At Home:

10 Box Jumps

10 Decline Push Ups

10 Squat Front Kicks

10 Sprawls

10 Squat Press

10 Sumo Squats

15 Kettlebell Swings

8 Sets 1 min break between each set


  1. Another great article. You want want to try the 10 min workouts its a great feeling


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